Installing NMWiz in Chimera

This chapter provides installation procedures to NMWiz in Chimera.

Installing NMWiz Plug-in

  1. Download one of the following archive files:
  1. Extract contents of the archive and copy nmwiz folder to Chimera plugins directory, i.e. $ChimeraDIR/share/.

    In linux operating systems, default installation location is $HOME/.local/UCSF-Chimera64-1.11.1rc/

Installing ProDy to Chimera Python

You need to install pip to chimera python first.

  1. Download pip source files from the pip in pypi website.

  2. Extract the archive, change current directory and execute the following command:

    $ChimeraDIR/bin/chimera --nogui --silent --script " install"
  3. Install scipy with the following command:

    $ChimeraDIR/bin/chimera --nogui --silent --script "$ChimeraDIR/bin/pip install scipy"
  4. Install prody with the following command:

    $ChimeraDIR/bin/chimera --nogui --silent --script "$ChimeraDIR/bin/pip install prody"