ProDy is being developed in the Bahar Lab at the University of Pittsburgh with support from NIH R01 GM099738 award.

Development Team

Ahmet Bakan initiated the ProDy project, designed and developed ProDy, NMWiz, Evol, and DruGUI.

Cihan Kaya was overseeing the overall development of ProDy from 2015 to 2018.

She (John) Zhang was helping with maintaining and developing ProDy from 2016, and took on the overseeing role from 2018 to mid 2020.

James Krieger was helping develop ProDy from 2017 and became the main overseer and developer in mid 2020.

Hongchun Li is currently maintaining and developing ANM and GNM servers, and made significant contributions to database and dynamics including SignDy and Adaptive ANM.

Yan Zhang contributed significantly to the development of the cryo-EM module, protein.emdmap.

Burak Kaynak contributed significantly to the development of domain_decomposition and dynamics.essa, and is in the process of adding other modules too.

Anindita Dutta contributed to the development of Evol, database and sequence modules.

Tim Lezon contributed to development of Rotations and Translation of Blocks and Membrane ENM.

Wenzhi Mao contributed to development of MSA analysis functions.

Lidio Meireles provided insightful comments on the design of ProDy, and contributed to the development of ProDy Applications.


In addition to the development team members, we acknowledge contributions and feedback from the following individuals:

Ying Liu provided the code for Perturbation Response Scanning method.

Kian Ho contributed with bug fixes and unit tests for DSSP functions.

Gökçen Eraslan contributed with bug fixes and development and maintenance insights.