prody select


Running prody select -h displays:

usage: prody select [-h] [--quiet] [--examples] [-o STR] [-p STR] [-x STR]
                    select pdb [pdb ...]

positional arguments:
  select                atom selection string
  pdb                   PDB identifier(s) or filename(s)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --quiet               suppress info messages to stderr
  --examples            show usage examples and exit

output options:
  -o STR, --output STR  output PDB filename (default: pdb_selected.pdb)
  -p STR, --prefix STR  output filename prefix (default: PDB filename)
  -x STR, --suffix STR  output filename suffix (default: _selected)


Running prody select --examples displays:

This command selects specified atoms and writes them in a PDB file.

Fetch PDB files 1p38 and 1r39 and write backbone atoms in a file:

  $ prody select backbone 1p38 1r39