Pfam MSA Fetcher

Pfam MSA download application.

evol_fetch(acc, **kwargs)[source]

Fetch MSA files from Pfam.

Parameters:acc (str) – Pfam accession or ID

Download Options

  • alignment (str) – alignment type, one of 'full', 'seed', 'ncbi', 'metagenomics', default is 'full'
  • format (str) – Pfam supported MSA format, one of 'selex', 'fasta', 'stockholm', default is 'stockholm'
  • order (str) – ordering of sequences, one of 'tree', 'alphabetical', default is 'tree'
  • inserts (str) – letter case for inserts, one of 'upper', 'lower', default is 'upper'
  • gaps (str) – gap character, one of 'dashes', 'dots', 'mixed', default is 'dashes'
  • timeout (int) – timeout for blocking connection attempts, default is 60

Output Options

  • folder (str) – output directory, default is '.'
  • outname (str) – output filename, default is accession and alignment type
  • compressed (bool) – gzip downloaded MSA file