Package Settings

This module defines class for handling and storing package settings.

class PackageSettings(pkg, rcfile=None, logger=None)[source]

A class for managing package settings. Settings are saved in user’s home director. When settings are changed by the users, the changes are automatically saved. Settings are stored in a dict instance. The dictionary is pickled in user’s home directory for permanent storage.

rcfile is the filename for pickled settings dictionary, and by default is set to .pkgrc.

get(key, default=None)[source]

Returns value corresponding to specified key, or default if key is not found.


Load settings by unpickling the settings dictionary.

pop(key, default=None)[source]

Remove specified key and return corresponding value. If key is not found, default is returned.


Save settings by pickling the settings dictionary.

update(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Update settings dictionary.


Returns package path.


Set package path.