Normal Mode Wizard

Normal Mode Wizard (NMWiz) is a VMD plugin for depiction, animation, and comparative analysis of normal modes. Normal modes may come from principal component of structural ensembles, essential dynamics analysis of simulation trajectories, or normal mode analysis of protein structures. In addition, NMWiz can be used to depict any vector that describes a molecular motion.

Required Programs

The latest versions of ProDy (1.4 or later) and VMD (1.9.2 or later) are required.

Getting Started

To follow this tutorial, you will need the following files:

 12M May 10 09:33 1dlo_anm_cross-correlations.txt
224K May 10 09:33 1dlo_anm.nmd
661K May 10 09:33 1dlo.pdb
3.3M May 10 09:33 p38_100frames.dcd
219K May 10 09:33 p38.pdb